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			Defines a new attribute (or field) that can be used by the client in future transactions.
			Methods allowed:

			Input parameters:
			- call = define_transaction_attribute
			- api_key = security key that has been assigned to client (required)
			- attribute_name = unique and meaningful name of attribute to be created (required, max 45 characters)
			- attribute_datatype = type of attribute to be used (required, ENUM: 'bigtext', 'string', 'float', 'integer', 'binary')
			- attribute_not_nullable = determines whether or not the attribute can have NULL values (binary value, 1 = NULL is not allowed)
			Return value:
			- on success returns created attribute (JSON)
			web form
			It is not possible to delete or update attributes. It is, however, possible to define an unlimited number of attributes.