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			Defines the meta data of a new transaction.
			Methods allowed:

			Input parameters:
			- call = define_transaction_definition
			- api_key = security key that has been assigned to client (required)
			- client_transaction_pk = primary key that is used in the client's database for 
			the new transaction (required, max 45 characters)
			- client_transaction_date = the date and time of the new transaction (required, 
			any format can be chosen but we prefer Y-m-d H:i:s)
			- is_deleted = determines whether or not the transaction should be disregarded 
			in statistical analysis (binary value, 1 = treat transaction as deleted)
			Return value:
			- on success returns created transaction (JSON)
			web form
			If a new transaction is created, the input parameters client_transaction_pk and 
			client_transaction_date are required (is_deleted = 0). However, if you want to 
			mark a transaction as deleted (i.e. when is_deleted = 1) then the transaction 
			corresponding to client_transaction_pk is updated (i.e. is_deleted is set equal 
			to 1 and client_transaction_date is disregarded).