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			Lists all transactions based on attribute values. Transactions for which all non nullable attributes 
			have been specified are considered 'complete'. All other transactions are tagged as 'incomplete' 
			and will not be used in the Automated Analytics engine.
			Methods allowed:

			Input parameters:
			- call = get_transactions
			- api_key = security key that has been assigned to client (required)
			- attribute_treatment = indication of how attributes with the same name are treated 
			(all_attributes_seperate, all_attributes_merge, most_recent_only DEFAULT)
			Return value:
			- on success returns all transactions with an additional attribute to indicate whether it is complete or not (JSON)

			Only the last 1000 transactions are displayed. The order of transactions displayed 
			is reversed (i.e. most recent ones are shown first).
			If attribute_treatment = most_recent_only (DEFAULT behaviour) then all data values which have been stored 
			under the old attributes are ignored. For instance, if you store prices under the attribute 'price' as not-nullable
			and decide to change the attribute 'price' to nullable, all data stored under the old definition of 'price' will be
			ignored (if you want to avoid this you must use all_attributes_seperate or all_attributes_merge).